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VeloRaba, one of the many cycling routes in Lesser Poland not finished

VeloRaba, one of the many cycling routes in Lesser Poland not finished

This cycling route passes through our municipality but is not yet ready today. Together with Małopolskie Voivodeship, the municipalities want to complete the VeloRaba project and combine the existing bicycle paths into one bicycle path that would connect several poviats and run from Rabka to the Niepołomice Forest.

In some of these municipalities, sections have already been created waiting to merge into one long route. From the side of Kasinka Mała, the path runs along the municipal road in Lubień to Pcim. The Local Action Group "Tourist Podkowa" is going to set up a Cyclists Service Center (a stop with a rest area).

Further on, the path goes through Pcim and Stróża, but before the border with Myślenice it breaks off, so one of the sections that remains to be completed is the one between Stróża and Zarab in Myślenice. Work on the project and obtaining permits should be completed by 2022.

Info: Length - 125 km (together with VeloMetropolis and VeloNatura)

Start - Chabówka

Finish line - Uście Solne (crossing with the Vistula cycle route)

Basic Info: The VeloRaba Route leads through the attractive areas of the Rabka River Valley, connecting the towns of Bochnia, Gdów, Dobczyce, Myślenice, Mszana Dolna and Rabka. Minimal slopes make cycling a real relaxation. Making use of the bank of the river Raba and the former railway line, VeloRaba makes for a pleasant ride in a peaceful environment. On the route there are tourist attractions such as: Skansen Rolling Stock in Chabówka, Health Resort in Rabka, Lake Dobczyckie with the castle in Dobczyce, Salt Mine in Bochnia.

VeloRaba in Puszcza Niepołomicka joins the VeloMetropolis (EV4) route, and their joint course will end in Mikluszowice. In addition, the VeloRaba route will connect to the planned bike path near Lake Dobczyckie.

The course of the route

Poviats: Limanowa, Nowy Targ, Wieliczka, Bochnia, Myslenice.

Municipalities and towns: Chabówka, Rabka Zdrój, Niedźwiedź, Mszana Dolna, Kasinka Mała, Pcim, Stróża, Myślenice, Dobczyce, Gdów, Książnice, Chełm, Stanisławice, Mikluszowice, Uściezowice.

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