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Our environment

We are located between Kraków and Zakopane in Podobin, a quiet part of Niedzwiedz which means bear. Centrally located between Krakow and Zakopane has the advantage that you can do numerous activities around our B&B within the hour. If you like nature, you can take walks in the immediate vicinity of our B&B or go close to the nature park. Culture, nature and adventure are insured with us.

- Energylandia Theme park 82 km - Krakow airport Airport 69,5 km - Krakow City 66,8 km - Wieliczka Saltmine 49,7 km - Nowy Sacz City 62,7 km - Babia-Gora 68,1 km - Zakopane City 60,3 km - Gorczański Park Narodowy Natural Park 8 km Nedec castle Castle 65,5 km - Auschwitz Concentration camp 99,3 km - Dunajec River navigation by raft 60 km - Koninki ski station Ski 6,9 km - Krynica Zdrój Observation Tower Watchtower 97,2 km