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Energylandia is an amusement park in Zator

Energylandia is an amusement park in Zator in the south of Poland. The park is located about 50 kilometers from Krakow and 400 kilometers from the capital Warsaw. With an area of ​​about 30 hectares, Energylandia is the largest amusement park in the country. With 15 different roller coasters, Energylandia has set a record for the most roller coasters in Europe.

Energylandia opened on July 14, 2014. During its first year, the park had three roller coasters, in 2015 three more roller coasters were added to the park, including the Energuś, Roller Coaster Mayan and Dragon Roller Coaster. In 2016, Energylandia opened their seventh roller coaster Formuła, a launched roller coaster from the manufacturer Vekoma.

In October 2016, another three new roller coasters were announced for the 2017 season, featuring the Boomerang, Circus Coaster and the Frutty Loops Coaster; in 2018, the tenth roller coaster was added to the park. This was builder Intamin's Hyperion.

ENERGYLANDIA is Poland's largest amusement park. 106 attractions in one place. 6 themed zones: Bajkolandia for the youngest, Familijna dedicated to the whole family, Extreme with Mega Coaster Hyperion and Speed ​​​​Water Coaster, Dragon Town with the world's highest Wooden Coaster Zadra and Aqualantis with Abyssus roller coaster type Double Launch Coaster . It is very important and important that in Energylandia, when buying ONE ENTRANCE TICKET, you can use all the devices and attractions, at will and without any limit. Energylandia has only been on the market for 7 years - but the multitude of attractions, the highest level of service and the comfort of the guests - meet the highest standards."

source: energylandia/wikipedia

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