Dinosaur Park

We invite you to the park where dinosaurs reign. In the picturesque surroundings of Dinolandia, lovers of these unusual creatures will see a unique set of figures of various sizes of dinosaurs, ichthyosaurs, pterosaurs and other prehistoric creatures, thanks to which each of our guests will be transported to the distant Mesozoic era and will meet the dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex, long-necked Diplodocus, Stegosaurus with a brain the size of a walnut or the smallest of the dinosaurs, the Compsognathus.

A visit to Dinolandia is a great way to travel through time in the company of Mesozoic reptiles.

Entertainment area

Dinolandia is the perfect place for great fun. In the Park, you can not only meet the most representative representatives of Mesozoic creatures, but also become a paleontologist digging up the skeleton of a huge dinosaur, overcome the rope park and DinoBases, or climb the Climbing Wall and observe the world from above, like a long-necked Diplodocus. Everyone who visits Dinolandia should also enter the Cave of Secrets, whose dark corridors lead to ... It's best to see for yourself. There are as many as 30 attractions that guarantee great fun. There is a lot to choose from - a ball pool, an inflatable slide, euro bungee, a pirate train or a family game of mini golf.

Great fun is guaranteed in Dinolandia!

Park Dinozaurów
i Rozrywki Dinolandia

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