Witów (720 m) is a hill covered with fields in the Gorce Mountains. It rises above the towns of Mszana Górna, Niedźwiedź and Podobin and is located on the ridge that separates the Mszanka Valley from the Porębianka Valley and its tributary Konina. Besides Witów, this ridge also includes the following hills: Kocia Górka (602 m), Góra Spyrkowa (711 m), Kobylica (648 m), Pieronka (738 m) and Markowy Groń (638 m).

The oldest mention of this peak comes from the Lesser Poland Codex, written in 1254 in Old Germanic. The name of the peak in this record is given as: Witowizal (Witowy Dział). During the period of great overpopulation of Podhale (from the mid-19th century until the Second World War), the entire hill, as well as other surrounding areas, consisted of fields and meadows. After 1980, the use of these fields was increasingly abandoned due to economic unprofitability and now only a few plots are plowed or mowed. Most of the hills are covered with uncut grass. Only the borders and beds prove that there were fields here.

Due to the lack of forests, the Witów ridge offers views of the entire horizon. There are no tourist routes leading here, but from the foot of Witów there are unpaved roads that you can take to the ridge

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