The city is known for its exceptional natural environment, its unique atmosphere and for the hospitality of its inhabitants. The spa town of Szczawnica is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Poland, the valley of the Grajcarek, a tributary of the Dunajec, between the mountain range of Radziejowa and the Male Pieniny Mountains, at an altitude between 440 and 560 m.

Spa tourists enjoy the well-being, unique in the world, of the acidic mineral water rich in bicarbonates, sodium, iodine, mineral salts and numerous trace elements. It is thanks to the latter that the spa specializes in the treatment of the respiratory tract, allergic diseases and the treatment of the motor system.

The gastronomes will also get their money's worth. Szczawnica is also known for the regional dishes that can be tasted in traditional inns and restaurants. Not to mention tasty products such as local cheeses and honey.

Other places of interest:

- Szczawnica, Dietla Square and Pump Room
It is certainly the most beautiful corner of Szczawnica. To get to the square, turn left in the city center and follow Zdrojowa Street to the end. In fact, it's worth coming here at least twice. The first time during the day and the second, after sunset, when the square is beautifully lit. In the center there is a small fountain with the statue "Woman with a jug". The statue is now made of bronze and in 2012 replaced its reinforced concrete predecessor, which stood here for more than half a century. It's also worth taking a look at the buildings around a small square, the style of which is intertwined with Alpine motifs with an intermingling of local folklore. To the right, diagonally, is the Mineral Water Pump Room in "Dom nad Zdrojami", where you will find six mineral waters. The square was built in the 19th century, when the riverbed of Szczawny Potok filled up.

-Szczawnica Dolny and Gorny Park
Once you reach Dietl Square, it is worth taking a walk in Górny Park. All you have to do is take the steps next to the Pump Room to enter the park alleys. You walk between countless sculptures. Nevertheless, the Park makes a pleasant impression. You will find a large Inhalatorium here. The park was founded in the 19th century by Jan Kutschera and then expanded by Józef Szalay. It is named after Count Adam Stadnicki. Dolny Park, on the other hand, is located on Szczawnica's main street, next to the bus station. This one, in turn, probably won't impress you much, although it's perfect for surviving hot days while waiting for the bus to depart. Right next to Park Dolny, we recommend traditional Jacak ice cream!

-Szczawnica cable car to Palenica Palenica is a must-see during your stay in Szczawnica. It is easily accessible and from the top you can enjoy a pleasant panorama of the Tatras. To reach the top you have two options. You can take the chairlift to the top in a matter of moments, or you can hike the yellow trails for about 50 minutes. The route is not particularly charming, but you can save a dozen zlotys. One of the summer attractions is the gravity slide. In winter, Palenica is taken over by snow lovers. If you enjoy the view from Palenica and decide to return to the town, we have a little hint for you - you can go to Szafranówka (15 minutes by following the yellow paths) and descend gently to the Slovak side. The return journey through the most beautiful part of the Dunajec Gorge may be a bit longer than the return journey along the path you followed, but it is worth a few extra moments. Szczawnica is just as popular in winter as it is in summer. The descent from Palenica is possible via 4 routes, plus there are versions for snowboarders.

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