The Czorsztyn Reservoir was created to reduce flooding in the Dunajec and Vistula and to increase minimum flows in Dunajec and Vistula, and to exploit the energy potential of the water. It contains 232 million m³ of water, the area of the lagoon is 1226 ha and the depth in front of the dam is 42 m under normal conditions. The dam in Niedzica is the highest earthen dam in Poland with a central aluminum seal. The dam is 56 m high, 404 m long and was built with 1.7 million m³ of local gravel.

Below the dam is a hydroelectric power station equipped with 2 reversible turbines of the type Deriaza with a nominal capacity of 2 x 46 MW. The weight of one hydroset - turbine with generator is 250 tons. Power plant building with a cubic meter of 171 thousand cubic meters. m³ is 40 m underground - it has 7 floors. Water is fed from the reservoir to the power plant through two tunnels cut into the rock with a diameter of 7 m.

Sightseeing routes - description

Accessible for tours are the technological rooms of the power plant with equipment for electricity production,  we will also explore the tunnel - the control gallery of the dam in the rock, 50 m under water and the sheet pile. Below you will find information about the possibility of tours of the power plant. Two excursion routes are accepted: 1. "1A.General tour of the power plant" - group up to 40 people - the route includes: internal viewing balcony and the machine hall as well as the technological level of the power plant (turbine deck level) or alternatively access to the observation deck on Sromowieckie Lake (lower water tap level); time about 1 hour 2. "1B.

General tour of the power plant" - group up to 10 people - route as in point 1; time Hydroelectric power plant in Niedzica - control room about 1 hour 3. "2A. Detailed tour of the power plant" - group up to 40 people, the route includes: an internal viewing balcony, a machine hall, a generator hall, a control and measurement gallery and the crown of the main dam and the technological level of the power plant (the turbine cap level) or, alternatively, the entrance to the observation deck at Sromowieckie Lake (lower water tap level); visiting time approx. 1.5 to 2 hours 4. "2B.Detailed tour of the power plant" - a group of maximum 10 people - the route as in point 3. visiting time approx. 1.5 - 2 hours

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