B&B Emarik

who are we


We, Erik Winnelinckx and Emanuela Dowlaszewicz, have started a new story and life since 2019. Both working in a residential care center but with a common dream. First a year looking for a suitable home in Belgium to start a B&B but not really found the conditions we had in mind.

Because Emanuela is Polish, the idea naturally came up to look out in her native country for what we did not find in Belgium. 2020 is the year of truth: We searched in the region between Karkau and Zakopane (small Poland) for a house with at least 4 rooms for the guests and of course space for both of us. We found what we were looking for in Niedźwiedź municipality which means bear. The next 18 months went to finishing and furnishing the house.

Today the 4 rooms are ready and we can receive the first guests.

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