Turbacz - the highest peak of the Gorce Mountains, located in the central point of the range and creating a powerful crossroads. According to most sources, it is 1310 m above sea level.

There are many trails leading to Turbacz from the surrounding towns: Nowy Targ, Rabka Zdrój, Koninki, Ochotnica Górna, Łopuszna and Obidowa.

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The mountain was already the destination of tourist expeditions in the 19th century. Seweryn Goszczyński describes it in his "Diary of Travel to the Tatra Mountains": The view from Turbacz on all sides is wonderful, the area it occupies and the wealth of variety. I have never seen anything like it in my life.

The peak of Turbacz itself does not stand out in a large, gable dome. It was surrounded by a dense spruce forest, which made it viewless; there is a stone obelisk and an iron cross with the dates 1945–1985. Formerly, the top was forestless and there were wide views from it. In 1832, it was possible to see Kraków through a telescope. For most tourists, the name Turbacz is associated with the building of the PTTK hostel in Turbacz, standing on a vast Wolnica glade (part of Hala Długa). For several years, after the destruction of the forest by the storm, the view from the top again stretches to the north and west.

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